The Hong Kong Association’s history is long although its independent status dates only from 1961.

The China Association was first established in 1889, in order to represent the interests, in Asia, of the British mercantile community.  The first Chairman was Sir George Bowen, and the committee included representatives of the principal City of London companies doing business in the Far East. In 1961, focus was given to the interests specific to Hong Kong by the formation, and independence from its parent body, of The Hong Kong Association.

The Association, which is a company limited by guarantee, include most of the principal British companies investing and doing business in Hong Kong, as well as leading Hong Kong companies active in the United Kingdom.  The Association devotes particular effort to making sure that the business point of view is properly understood and given full weight; its policy is to cultivate contacts with ministers and the principal departments of both governments, as well as with other organisations such as the UK-China All-Party Parliamentary Group. It maintains contacts with leading businessmen and with representatives of the media. It also offers a platform to visiting Hong Kong Government officials, and to Executive and Legislative Councillors.

The Association’s committee arranges regular lunches with politicians, civil servants, businessmen and the media, at which matters affecting Hong Kong are discussed informally. Lunches and other gatherings are held for the wider membership, at which prominent guests from Hong Kong are invited to speak. These gatherings are excellent opportunities for those with interests in Hong Kong to meet and keep up to date. The Association also arranges informal dinners at the House of Commons with members of all three parties in both houses of parliament.

The Hong Kong Association maintains cordial contacts with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.  The Director-General of Hong Kong SAR Economic and Trade Office in London is an ex-officio member of the committee, as is the Director (Europe) of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

The aim of the Hong Kong Society is to provide a focus for all those who have an interest in Hong Kong and to develop and maintain social, cultural and professional links between Hong Kong and the UK. Baroness Dunn is the Honorary President and Nigel Johnson-Hill is the Chairman.

Both organisations are administered by a small office, which is based at Swire House in Buckingham Gate. The office is open at all working hours and is keen to continue to play its part in the continued good relations between the UK and the Special Administrative Region.

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