Polo match

HK Polo Match at Ham Polo Club

Date: Saturday 2nd September 2017
Venue: Ham Polo Club, Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AH
Time: 10.45 am – 6.00pm (HK Polo match starts at 11.00. Departure time is entirely optional)
Option A – Picnic: £5.00 per head – payable in cash at the entrance.  A mobile restaurant van (‘ChukkaTukka’) will be there. Members should bring deck chairs or rugs and waterproofs if it looks like rain.
Option B – Join the sponsored day in the Membership Enclosure (for whole day and including a five course sit-down lunch): £140 all-in.

Ham Polo 3 Members of The Hong Kong Society have had very good visits to Ham in recent years, watching this spectacular game. Only eight miles from Hyde Park Corner, Ham is the last remaining polo club in Greater London. Founded in 1926, it has an established and distinguished reputation for excellent playing and social facilities combined with a relaxed family atmosphere.

A ‘Hong Kong Team’ (British players with HK connections) is playing in the opening match of the day-long  sponsored ‘HAC Polo Day’ (nb the Honourable Artillery Company Headquarters was the site of the Society’s dinner on 30th June) on 2nd September. There will be three other matches and a pretty full day of late summer enjoyment is therefore in prospect. Members can either opt to watch, sitting at groundside, providing their own seats, eating picnics or buying low-cost lunches from ‘ChukkaTukka’  or they can spend the day in comfort, sipping enjoyable drinks, eating a luxurious lunch and watch the polo from comfortable seats in a special enclosure.

A HK team is participating this year in a day which has been fully sponsored and run by another organisation but it is hoped that next year we will be able to arrange a proper HK Polo Match.

Free parking is available at the ground and the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. The Chairman of the Club, Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers, is a member of the Hong Kong Society and aims to be there to welcome fellow  members.

Although access to the ground is open, it would help us if we knew that you are planning to attend. The Society will send a map, details of how to find the ground and other relevant details to those who inform us that they are coming.

If you prefer to attend the sponsors’ lunch and sit in comfort, please let us know as soon as possible and we will put you in touch with the relevant organisers.

Contact the office at communications@hkas.org.uk or by telephone on 020 79639447 to register for either of the 2 options.

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