Meet the Mentors

Meet the Mentors

Our very first Meet the Mentors event was held in 2014, which focussed on the Financial Services Industry. A Banker, an Asset Manager, an Accountant and the Chief Executive of a Strategic Financial Communications company all related their experiences to those who attended and shared their views and perceptions. It was a great success!

Mentors Dinner, The Financial Services – 5 November 2014

By Regina Lui (Chairman, Hong Kong Society Young Professionals Group)

On 5 November, the Hong Kong Society hosted a dinner for thirty-four young professionals and students, and four career mentors within the financial services industry at the Oriental Club, London. The evening began with a discussion chaired by Mark Patterson and Carrie Waley. The four mentors and the chairpersons, all of whom lived or studied in Hong Kong and China, and most of whom have worked or currently work within Asian markets, discussed the challenges and opportunities which led them to their current positions. David, who started his career as a chartered accountant, spoke about his experience in entering the investment management space, and his work in expanding the Blackrock business through joint ventures in the Asia Pacific region. Suwei, who is the first Chinese female partner of the “Big 4″ accountancy firms, spoke about her determination in securing a job in the UK upon completion of her MBA at Bristol University, and the key decisions she contemplated while choosing an employer throughout recruitment processes. Mark, who first pursued a career in a chemicals company before joining the banking industry, spoke about the transferability of skills across various experiences and roles in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Andrew, who is currently chief executive of a financial public relations company, gave valuable careers advice to the young audience of thirty four – to stand out in the interview process, one should be encouraged to gain experience through wide array of internships.

The floor opened for questions, after which the evening continued with conversations over a two course dinner and drinks at the Oriental Club’s elegant dining rooms. We are grateful to our mentors for their valuable time and we thank them for speaking candidly to our audience. Thank you to Mark and Carrie, our chairpersons, without whom the evening would not be a success.

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Thank you to:
David Graham, Managing Director at BlackRock
Mark Gray, Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank
Andrew Jacques, Chief Executive, MHP Financial
Suwei Jiang, Lead Partner and Senior China Advisor, PwC China Business Group
Oriental Club, London


All the photos from this event can be viewed on our Facebook page

Following this event, we had a number of feedback:

I’m so appreciated that you and Hong Kong Society give us this wonderful opportunity to meet those genius mentors. I benefited a lot from mentors’ convincing advice. The event place-Oriental Club is also amazing! How delicate decoration and traditional oriental atmosphere that I have never been to before” – NWL

I would like to thank the panel, you and Mark , for hosting such a great event that night. I found that event quite useful because all the mentors have the experience of switching their careers.” – XW

I am very willing to say thanks to all mentors personally, as all experiences they shared in the conversation last night were really helpful and encouraged me! I wish the super could last long however time flied! But I still think it was really worthy to across the land from scotland to London to attend this event!” – ZW

I really appreciate what I have learned from all of you and all the time and effort you have devoted into this event for us. This is an amazing event that I personally found very honoured to attend and I am more than pleasant that I was there. Thanks all of you very much for that.” – XY

Thanks for inviting me to the event tonight, I really enjoy talking to people with different backgrounds and it is a really good opportunity knowing the industry professionals for different divisions. Furthermore, I wish you could invite me next time therefore I could have the opportunity be involved in. Thanks a lot.” – JW

First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time to attend the event. I found the Q&A session very informative. It was quite interesting to learn about the respective background stories behind your successful careers, as they gave me inspirations and insight on advancing my own career in the long run. I also appreciate the opportunity to chat with you casually at the reception and over dinner, it allows me to get my questions answered on a more personal level. Overall, I have found this event very useful and I look forward to meet with you again in a future event.” – PC

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